Various ParksThere are many ways to get involved with the Park Foundation. Contact us to find out how.

  • Volunteer for work on park projects or clean up days.
  • Donate to the Foundation at different capacities through paypal.
  • Join the Board of Directors or the Advisory Committee to help guide the foundation itself.

Adoption and Sponsorship

Among its many services and endeavors, the Park Foundation facilitates the adoption and sponsorship of park features including trees, benches and picnic tables. Your gift may be in commemoration or celebration of a special event or treasured loved one, and will serve as a splendid contribution to your community at large. Again, please contact 805 568-2461 for more information.


If you are interested in donating to the Santa Barbara County Park Foundation click below and thank you!

Board of Directors and Advisory Committee

The Foundation is currently recruiting a board of leading citizens from across the county to provide policy direction, coordinate fundraising, and plan outreach efforts. If you are interested in participating please contact 805-568-2461.

Participation in an Advisory Committee, a larger council aimed at representing the various interests of the larger community is also available.

In 2009 the Foundation Board created a 2009-10 Foundation Strategic Plan and beyond that is intended to guide the Board in their dedication to provide  recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities in our County’s parks, open spaces and cultural venues.

Please contact us for more information on applying for these positions.